PURE BLACK Oud Perfume Balm by Pierre Black


PURE BLACK Oud Perfume Balm by Pierre Black


oud perfume balm
2 grams

Oud or Agarwood is one of the most complex single source scents found in nature. It is an olfactory puzzle box for the finer nose. It is one of the few true aphrodisiacs of the world's perfumery. All this makes it one of the most prized and revered scents in many cultures around the world reaching far back into the mists of human history.

Inspired by this most dynamic and exotic scent, I decided to create my very first perfume in the form of a balm designed to slowly time-release the layered aromatic complexity of this sublime natural essence when worn on the skin. 

The best agarwood oil in its pure form is opaque black and thick as honey. It is also one of the most expensive organic substances on earth. My Pure Black perfume balm is formulated with a blend of three carefully chosen highest quality wild harvested Oud oils from Cambodia. 

I first discovered Oud while living in Japan in the form of the raw wood-incense form used in Japanese Zen Buddhism. The highest quality Agarwood, known as jinko in Japanese, is reserved for the most important ceremonies on the Buddhist calendar, or is purchased by more affluent families for ancestor ceremonies. Jinko affictionados in Japan have taken the attraction one step further. Like wine or cigars, groups of Japanese jinko lovers get together and enjoy and discuss the subtleties of the delicate and expensive commodity.

I fell in love with Oud essential oil, years later while traveling in Thailand. I could not resist the question, why on earth would Bangkok have an entire small neighborhood devoted only to the Agarwood trade? The divine scent of the oil immediately swept me away. I found it irresistably aphrodisiac, and was fascinated by its ever-changing nature once exposed to the air, rubbed, and warmed by one's skin. It is a magnificent puzzle box of scent. 

The most dominant aromas of the very best oud oils include a surprisingly broad spectrum aromatic hardwoods and floral notes. Other more subtle scent components may include honey, leather, musk, ruminant animals, urine, feces, sweat, a variety of aromatic green herbs, and somehow, the scent of healthy human sexuality.

I have tried to capture all this gently and subtley in my Pure Black perfume balm. I hope you enjoy it.

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