Guatemala 2011, locally harvested copal resin being burned outside a church.

Guatemala 2011, locally harvested copal resin being burned outside a church.

"Every ingredient has a story. I personally source exotic and inspiring botanicals from around the world to create my exclusive, small-batch, natural healing products. My very best formulations typically arise from personal, often chance encounters, with unique and exciting ingredients during my travels around the world. I create a new product only when I am truly inspired to do so, and only when I have acquired the very best ingredients. It is my intention to honour the legacy of each of the herbs and medicines I utilize and create a truly effective product. My creations are real, powerful, and completely natural. I seek to create products that work, as well as a feast for the senses."    

- Pierre Black, May 2017


PURE BLACK, Oud perfume balm, 2 grams.

Oud or Agarwood is one of the most complex single source scents found in nature. It is an olfactory puzzle box for the finer nose. It is one of the few true aphrodisiacs of the world's perfumery. All this makes it one of the most prized and revered scents in many cultures around the world reaching far back into the mists of human history.

Inspired by this most dynamic and exotic scent, I decided to create my very first perfume in the form of a balm designed to slowly time-release the layered aromatic complexity of this sublime natural essence when worn on the skin.  

The best agarwood oil in its pure form is opaque black and thick as honey. It is also one of the most expensive organic substances on earth. My Pure Black perfume balm is formulated with a blend of three carefully chosen highest quality wild harvested Oud oils from Cambodia. 

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KINK KREAM is real, powerful, all-natural medicine for high-intensity situations.

Kink Kream is a universal anti-chaffing salve for skin. I formulated this powerful all-natural healing salve to heal and protect irritated and inflamed skin in high-intensity situations. Particularly useful for activities where metal, leather, or athletic gear has irritated or will irritate the skin. 

Seat rash, runners rash, rope burn, harness burn, fabric burn, rug burn, athletic nipple chaffing, chapped hands and feet, saddle rash, and more... Great for all kinds of intense play. Tell us how Kink Kream has changed your life...

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