Right now Pierre is at
Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Online live video sessions also available from anywhere in the world. 

"I have been travelling the world for over a decade on a spiritual and intellectual quest.
A quest to understand joy, peace, true healing, and a rational model of spirituality
that bridges the scientific and metaphysical worlds."

2018 - Retreat Project - Location Search.

"I am looking for my new home. It is time to live my passion and highest intention. 
It is time to transform passion and inspiration into action and substance."


Key Features: 

• natural and integrative healing •
• meditation and secular spiritual practice •
• integration of left and right hand paths •
• mindful omnivory and healing with food •

• sustainable ecology and permaculture •
• organic and biodynamic agriculture •
• community service •
• yoga and qigong •

• special guest teachers and presenters •


I am looking for my new home. The nomadic life of the past 10 years has been challenging, delightful, and expansive. But, it is not my true nature. Many of you may already know that something new has been on on the horizon, and that this something has been a long time coming.

I am currently on a search for real estate and collaborators. While many of the details will be a direct expression of the specific site I acquire, the spirit and intention project is crystal clear.

I believe its important to make choices and take action that directly and immediately support the changes one wishes to see in the world while also optimizing one's own wellbeing. This brings together the simple enjoyment of life, with a sense of connection and purpose, and the imperative to serve others and contribute to a greater whole.

I carry an invisible temple with me. It is time to live my passion and my highest intention. It is time to transform passion and inspiration into action and substance. The project is a coming together of all of my life experiences into an integral life and lifestyle, a way of living and being in fullness and harmony.   It is a manifestation of who I am and what we hope to share with others in this life. The journey begins October 2017!                                          
- Pierre Black, June 2017.

More to come!